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Our People

Through workforce diversity and an employee-first culture, VERSA attracts, hires, and retains qualified individuals who strive for professional excellence and personal growth. 

Our Processes

VERSA utilizes industry-best standards and guidelines to provide a robust foundation of well-defined, mature, and repeatable processes in support of secure, rapid services delivery.

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Our Services 

VERSA’S Services and Solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customer base. Our objective is to identify and integrate an optimal blend of services and solutions that are in strategic alignment with each customer’s mission-based priorities, dependencies, and budget profiles.

Kevin Mitchell, CEO

VERSA fuses technical know-how with industry-best practices to provide lean, cost-effective and value-driven IT solutions and services for our customers. Our objective is to reshape customers’ operational and technical landscapes by replacing outmoded solutions and services with modern, next-generation tools, technologies, and processes that drive efficiencies across the enterprise. In partnership with our customers, we firmly believe that together we can take it to the next level.

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Working with Mask


At VERSA, we carefully select those who possess the requisite expertise, experience, education, and certifications to both meet and exceed customers’ diverse mission-based objectives.

Our Customers

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