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Technical Capabilities 

With today’s competitive environment and economic challenges, corporate vision is critical and IT strategy is vital. At VERSA, we combine adherence to industry best practices, ambition to world class performance, and pursuit of technical excellence to set the benchmark for our engineering and technical professionals.

Our engineers are formally trained and possess the credentials, education, and certifications necessary to be a leading provider of IT services and solutions.  VERSA engineers remain technically current through rigorous training programs and refresher courses in the top technologies that are now paving the way to the mobile and flexible office of the future.

VERSA has also forged trusted partnerships with complimentary engineering firms, leading manufacturers, and key technology watch groups to offer unified, end-to-end services and solutions that are both stable and forward thinking.

Full Life Cycle IT Engineering

Full assessment and transformation of your entire IT landscape covering all operational and mission related infrastructure, communications, applications and services, covering requirements analysis through design and implementation to operations and maintenance.  Modernization of your business systems, facilitating the integration and efficient management of existing architecture or replacement and decommissioning of legacy systems.

Full and Hybrid Cloud Integration

Complete assessment of your agency’s IT portfolio and feasibility for migration of services to the Cloud, with a full or hybrid migration strategy, budget requirement, and implementation plan to ensure minimal disruption and increased quality of service delivery.

Data Architecture, Database Administration and Software Development

Supporting logical and physical data architecture tiers, frameworks and technologies including database installation, configuration, administration, security, maintenance & support; data digitization; as well as the development, maintenance, enhancement, and integration of software applications, including API's, using Agile, Scrum, DevOps, Waterfall, and Kanban methodologies.

Computer Programming
Cybersecurity Engineering and Operational Support

Facilitation of enterprise-wide risk/vulnerability assessments (identify and prioritize) and remediation engineering (improve and modernize) to strengthen your infrastructure security posture and safeguard your IT environment and investment portfolio. Development of a formal cyber risk program that is in line with strategic objectives and the risk tolerance of your organization and offers a balance between risk reduction and operational productivity.  Complete operational modernization to improve and document end-to-end processes, controls and policies that drive a cybersecurity environment that is highly efficient, effective, and resilient.

Renovated Building
Facilities and Building Lifecycle Management Support

Transforming and optimizing the utilization of building infrastructures and portfolios creating a sustainable, agile, and high-performing organization.  Providing facility maintenance, space planning and buildout, and full conferencing support services through Archibus and service desk systems for large complex federal enterprises.

Program and Quality Management

Full Life Cycle PMO SME-level support ensuring that agencies’ technology capabilities directly support mission critical strategic goals and objectives.  Direct support of: Agency Strategic Alignment, Investment & Technology Portfolio Support; IT Acquisition & Capital Planning; Budget, Cost and Investment Management (CPIC); Quality Management (Control/Assurance); Risk Management (Identify/Mitigate); Feasibility Studies, Pilots and Business Case Development; IT Roadmap Development; Information and Communication Management; Performance Metrics and Management; and both Change and Configuration Management.

Focusing at Work
Call Center Employee
Operational Support of IT Services

Enhancing your environment through the build-out, implementation, operation, maintenance, automation, and optimization of data centers, NOC's, and SOC's. Supporting day to day operations and monitoring of networks, communications, and other IT related services.  Tier 1 through Tier 3/SME level support with 24x7 capabilities.

IT User and Administrator Training

Full training programs for end users and system administrators to include: instructor-led classroom and online training, one-on-one focused training, brown bag refresher courses, computer based training, user guides and cheat sheets, and all scheduling and reservation services.  Curriculum development, follow up surveys and course completion statistics are also offered. 

Computer Store
Construction Engineer
On-Site and Off-Site Services

VERSA offers both on-site and off-site capabilities to meet customer requirements and address any customer space and/or resource limitations. VERSA maintains a corporate lab which may be used as a separate test or prototype environment as needed.

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